lauantai 18. elokuuta 2012

Summer fossil meet-up in Salo

We had a lovely meet-up with lots of food and little crafts to do. It was more relaxed than most of our community's meet-ups but that was the point actually. This meet-up was organized for us who felt like "fossils". Either we were above the average age of most lolitas or we were just into something more old-fashioned or just felt like total fossiles in today's society. As i see myself as a 70 y.o weirdo grandma with all my health problems and memory losses and obsession with everything old and feminine i felt like i fit the description. So here, have some beautiful pictures again.

Skirt: Cloudberry Lady
Corset, Jabot, Flower band: Fidel David

Myrsky and Susanna in the train to Salo.

And Nette too.



Jenni, Camomille, Thales.

Frilly girls without legs.

The workplace is Tiina Talvikki's. Thank you all for lovely time!

3 kommenttia:

  1. Oi, rakastan asuasi! Olet niin älyttömän sievä, sairaan kauniit värit ja nätti kampaus♥!

  2. you're so cute I can't stand it^^ Also I admire your coordinate skills, truly amazing! Well, I'm following you now^^

  3. Hei,
    It must have been a nice meeting!
    I've been to Salö once, I actually miss Finland so much...
    The place where you've all been is really agreeable.