tiistai 15. marraskuuta 2011

Alice in Wonderland (1903)

The first filmation of the story. This is all there's left of the 12 min movie. The description tells us this:

"The first-ever film version of Lewis Carroll's tale has recently been restored by the BFI National Archive from severely damaged materials. Made just 37 years after Lewis Carroll wrote his novel and eight years after the birth of cinema, the adaptation was directed by Cecil Hepworth and Percy Stow, and was based on Sir John Tenniel's original illustrations. In an act that was to echo more than 100 years later, Hepworth cast his wife as the Red Queen, and he himself appears as the Frog Footman. Even the Cheshire cat is played by a family pet.

With a running time of just 12 minutes (8 of which survive), Alice in Wonderland was the longest film produced in England at that time. Film archivists have been able to restore the film's original colours for the first time in over 100 years.

Music: 'Jill in the Box', composed and performed by Wendy Hiscocks.

This restoration was supported by The Headley Trust and The Pilgrim Trust."

I find it very interesting and recommend watching!

sunnuntai 13. marraskuuta 2011

Ounce with Tiie and about the challenge

Tiie and me drawn by Tiie.
And my drawing of a tea called Romeo and Juliet that i drank there.

And then a little update about the challenge i did. I got sick again so i haven't been able to dress well or dance for a few days. I'll post the outfits before this sickness as soon as i get the energy and health to doll myself up again.

maanantai 7. marraskuuta 2011

Random post with new stuff and a challenge

The stuff

First those i bought before Creme:
 A fur coat from fleamarket (it was only 50 euros! This winter i won't feel cold), a military inspired skirt made by Kainoliero (you can see it worn in the guro shoot), a corset and the already seen CL's velvet skirt.
 Today's outfit and my new Bodyline jsk. I hate the shirring but love the print and the lavender colour.
  Finally i have a cute tea pot! Presented by my unicorn Fiti.
 New lace.

 A doll with real human hair. Probably from seventies. She has such a lovely face!
Another old doll. I bought him/her because s/he looked like my gf!

From Creme:
 A handmade white dress, Juliette-et-Justine's velvet jsk and a Black Peace Now velvet jacket. The funny thing is that when i first saw the white dress i didn't instantly fall in love but when the seller said it suits my style something snapped in my head and i took it home! And i did not regret it. As soon as i got it off the bag i started to coordinate it. I invented five coordinations already that evening even though i was really tired.

 This dress needs it's own pictures because omg omg omg dolls! So this is Juliette-et-Justine's Bisque Doll jsk. Lavender, dolls and a long hem: instawin.
 CL's headbow matching my skirt, two rings, floral tights and shoes from Antaina.
 I've been searching for a delicate and feminine clock as long as i've been caring for my looks at all. That makes like five years. And finally i found one! It has a birdcage!

The fail decoden

Can't stop laughing at my own stupidity. But at least i tried.

 No words to describe this horrendous mess...
But the worst part is the front hehe. The screen is all glued now and now i can hardly use the buttons on the upper panel. The worst is the upper left one that the bow covers. Next time i'll think before i glue.

The Challenge!

Now that i'm somewhat healthy again and i've got so much new beautiful clothes i'm gonna challenge myself. Again, kind of. Basically i'm trying to dress in lolita more often (=everyday if possible) and keep myself in a better shape but this is the list of things i'm gonna do from tomorrow on to Christmas when i will be too busy again to focus on this kind of stuff:

- Dress in lolita or related clothing every day. Even on lazy days.
- Use that fucking make-up! It takes only 5 mins to put on damn it! (self-provocation).
- Go to sleep every day before 12pm. Try to sleep more than 8 hours.
- Drink tea every day.
- Learn one choreography a week or more if there's time.
- Dance zumba and learned choreos at least four times a week.
- Don't take a buss when it's not necessary (200 metres is not worth waiting 10 minutes :D).
- Sunday is reserved for ice-fishing as soon as there's ice on the lake.
- Use body lotion every day.
- One riding lesson a week. More on holidays.
- Finish your sewing projects.

So that's that in short. Join me if you want and make your own lists for the last months of this year.

And that's all for today folks! I'm going sleep now.

Crème de la Garderobe -fleamarket for lolitas, forest girls etc

I had so much fun oh my god! One who thinks money can't buy happiness just don't know where to shop. We knew and we were happy.

 My outfit for the day was meant to advertise the lovely Finnish brand Cloudberry Lady and be comfortable to wear the whole day.
Skirt: Cloudberry Lady
Bolero: Liz Lisa
Boots: Art

I also tried some decoden. I sucked and my phone is really hard to use now since i blocked a bunch of buttons ahaha. Pictures of my fail and my new stuff later today.

All pictures by Yoshh.

tiistai 25. lokakuuta 2011

The official pictures of the two meet-ups

Click the images bigger! For the people in the pictures: Jos haluatte kuvanne pois tai esim. bloginne linkin, kertokaa siitä. Juuri nyt minulla ei ole aikaa etsiä kaikkien blogeja linkitettäväksi, vaikka yleensä siihen pyrinkin.

First meet-up (pictures by Ag):

Everyone looked so good! Thank you for the lovely meet-up.

Second meet-up (pictures by Sanni S. DO NOT TAKE THESE PICTURES unless you're in them yourself):

Thanks to you too for the fun photoshoot!

No idea why the pictures are on the left. Stupid Blogger.