lauantai 29. joulukuuta 2012

Remember to be careful with your eyes!

I was going to do a post about the same subject, but Ansku of The Fifth Closet did a good post here.

My eyes have always been very sensitive so checking them every year, using hardcore eyedrops and using lenses not more that 9 hours per day comes naturally for me. I also have to check my eyes because of my poor vision. And yet, i have the condition were blood vessels are growing on my iris (even though it's not yet so dangerous that i should do something about it. But one day i must).

I think everyone should go get their eyes checked sometimes regardless of vision or using lenses. But especially if you wear lenses, circles, colored or ordinary. They really can harm your eyes even though used correctly. And what i think is awful is that some of you just buy them and start to wear them without first checking your eyes with an optician. Always go to a professional before even thinking of wearing any kind of lenses. They will check if your eyes are even ready for lenses. Sometimes there are factors that make using lenses out of the question. An optician will also teach you how to put on and take off the lenses the right way and without hurting your eyes.

So, be careful or you might regret it later.

They are pretty, dolly but dangerous.
A bad case of neovascularization that i was talking about.

torstai 20. joulukuuta 2012

Katja's and Tiia's birthday party

Katja and Tiia had a carnival themed b-day party that i was invited to. Unfortunately i was not dressed by the theme and my outfit failed in many ways. For example i was going to use freaking blouse to hide my bulging cleavage but things happened (= bad stupid zipper) and i ended up not wearing it.... Anyway, i had a lot of fun and stayed the night there. I got two new wigs from Tiia and Momo (Thank you lovelies!) . The short one in this outfit is from Tiia and the one from Momo you'll probably see in my next post. What next... oh yeah! Their little kittens, Purjo and Parsa were the cutest little creatures ever!

Dress Victorian Maiden

Me and Jasmin with our (vintage!) foxes.

Jasmin, Katja, Purjo, Parsa.

Me and Purjo.

Tiia and Parsa.

Tried an old school classic outift with Jasmin's cardigan, Katja's platform shoes and Momo's alice bow.

New apartment!

I just moved from my aunt's upstair room to a new single apartment. I will make an interior post sometime soon but here's some pictures of the overall view. There are lovely things missing from these pictures, though. These are from a while back before i could finish the decoration.

The toilet before decorating.

The main room.

Main room.

Main room.

Then this happened. Hahah. A lot of work.

And here's the first version of the decoration.

Happy me in my new, rosy and cozy room.

Bathtube is the best! I take a bubble bath almost everyday.

My pets also love the place! They got used to it very quickly. Here's Nassu streching herself.
Thanks for watching again!

Our local fabric shop

One day i decided to check our little local fabric shop. I had to have both my VM dresses' zippers fixed. Nothing's more annoying than a broken zipper. The owner of the shop could fix them and didn't want much in return. I also found quite a lot of decent fabrics there. Some cotton lace, too. Here's some pictures.

Btw, it was my 20th b-day today! I'm not a teen anymore! Yay! I had a fun day but thanks to eating so much my tummy is killing me now.