lauantai 31. elokuuta 2013

Swap meet-up

Pitsiperhonen hold a clothing swap meet-up for the second time. I think it was a success. Especially for me. I got rid of old stuff, got something basic clothing i've been looking for ages and something new and cool too. Also, the food was great!

I wore sweet again with my only actual sweet dress, a shiro Bodyline OP. I also used my new Taobao cat tights and a blonde wig. 



And of course lovely people!

And then this happened.

After the party was over and most of the people went home some of us took a drive to a nearby beach.

And this little guy appeared!

He went through all our stuff!

What lolis do on the beach: wrestling. With lovely Elfie.

And of course, here's the pile of things i brought home.

 Thank you for watching!

Youtube is fun! And a new blog!

Just some gems i've come across.


I will forever be inspired by ballet. And dance in general.

Forever a V-kei kid

I found visual kei and jrock in 2006 and never stopped liking it. I was quite happy about Kamijo's comeback and Mana appearing in his PV. And here it is, the preview of the PV. I also found the full PV but darn Blogger won't let me post it here.

Also, i love Youtube videos so much i put up a Tumblr blog dedicated to lolita videos around the world!

keskiviikko 28. elokuuta 2013

Desucon weekend!

I attended Desucon two (or something) months ago and here's my outfits and buyings. It was nice to see friends, some that i haven't met in a long time. I also enjoyed some of the programmes and awesome cosplay outfits.

Crown: Milka


Talking to myself table.

Something i bought. Japanese food is not my thing but i love japanese sweets, desserts and snacks!

Cosplay competition.

There were also jpop dancing zumba -style.

Skirt: Cloudberry Lady
Headband and corset: Fidel David
Yes you need to see my face three pictures in a row because i could not choose only one.

The wig was 130 cm long and it got tangled so easily!
I was apparently so pretty people gave me free stuff.

Taken by Emilia Lahtinen

Taken by Emilia Lahtinen

I also organized a small lolita meeting but my camera didn't have any charge left to take pictures of it.

Stuff i bought.

More sweets.

More stuff.


And that all for today! Thanks for watching!

perjantai 16. elokuuta 2013

A teaser

I've been too darn busy to post anything for a few days now and the next weekend i'll be moving but i promise to start posting again next week! For now, have some pretty pictures of me, my boobs and my dress taken by halktia .

perjantai 9. elokuuta 2013

Taoboa package!

I ordered a lot of stuff from Taobao recently (thank you Saga for helping me!). Here they are just taken out of the package. They were all wrinkly! The shopping service probably had a hard time trying to fit everything in such a small box.

Surface Spell

Embroidery on the dress.

Random tights.

Random tights.

Secret Shop socks.

Two boleros from i don't remember where... some indie brand it was anyway. They don't have a tag.

Blouse from a random lolita seller.

Classical Puppets petticoat. This is the best petticoat ever!

Two wigs fro random sellers.

Brown lashes, Secret Shop socks and BJD tights from a random seller.

White OTK socks and a brown lolita headband from random sellers.

More fake lashes.

Free stuff that came with everything. Probably put there by the shopping service.

16 items in total! And everything cost only worth one brand dress.