keskiviikko 22. elokuuta 2012

This is a lifestyle post

I moved to live with my aunt's family. I live in the upstairs with my cat in my own peace even though i do take part of their everyday lives as well. Life here is very harmonic and peaceful. Regardless of my little cousins, Petri (8 y o) and Reetta (4 y o). But they are both such darlings and fun to be around. As i am on a sick leave now (my health has been pretty bad lately) i spend my days walking, with my and my aunt's animals, playing with Reetta and Petri, picking berries from the nearby forests, taking naps and just trying to recover from my sicknesses. I am taking some courses to fill up my days now though. So no naps for me then! I'm starting to dance again. Slowly, though, as my health won't allow me to do anything quickly. I will also start to take lessons on Russian and Japanese. I would also like to take some piano lessons again, but it's not sure yet.

My room is decorated in a very dark style now. A lot of the furniture and decoration was found from the atticks of the house.

Up the stairs we go.

My shoes are everywhere.

My coats and jackets. At least some of them. And more shoes.

This is from the door.

A lot of details... and my antique table.

An old Singer sign found from our cottage.

My curtains are furrrrr. These animals are all hunted by my grandpa from the wild.

The way to the little attick.

My messy wardrope here.

 Then outside. The house is in the countryside but fortunately also close to the village center.

The yard.

We have a little garden.

With berries.

And roses.

Some of the food we get from our own yard.

Stable yard.


Two dogs.

And horses.

The stable is really really old. In winter it will be full of horses.

Alma the lonely sheep.


A pretty nice place, isn't it? The fresh air is good for my health as i have asthma.

For the last some pictures when we made juice from the berries my aunt grows.

It's so freaking good!

tiistai 21. elokuuta 2012


I have been going. I've visited Helsinki in many occasions and also Kouvola. So here, have some photos.


I met Katja and two very cute new lolitas: Sonja and Iris. It's always so nice to meet new faces.

My outfit was " Mary Poppins going to funeral"

My antique cameo jewellery.

Then we went to Ounce and surprise! Riku was there! Nice to see him, too.

Aren't they just adorable! Iris on the left and Sonja on the right.


We visited Luca, a new shop selling japanese stuff.

I bought a pen and some decoden stuff.

We also found a nice Asian market that carried both my favorite ice-tea and favorite Pockys.

And this is what my phone looks like now, thanks to Luca.

And from the back.

Créme de la Garderope crafts day
I got inspiration from the mid-19th century.

But ended up with near Edwardian silhouette. Here i'm trying the S-line pose and failing.

Elfie with our buffet.

Elfie and Nera.


Ludmilla and Essi in front of the swap table.


Katja with a very original outfit that i really loved.

My favorite brolitas! Momochuu and Jenni.

I'm starting to make lace.

This is what i did. Couple earrings, Macross (or something) lace and two Cherubin rings to match my Lady Sloth dress.

Here's something from everyone.

Kata was behind most of this. Thank you so much!

Of course a picture of me and my dear Momo.

And this is what i got.

And all this too.

Next day me and Momo went to Ounce and Korkeasaari Zoo.

I bought myself a handset. Because cellphones are too mainstream. Nah, just kidding. But it is really awesome.

And finally some animals!


Look at that face! And fluffyness!


Manul! The grumpiest cat in the world.

And lastly, Momo came to see me in Kouvola. We did some thrift store shopping and ate in the best ice-cream bar in Finland, Caminito.

I tasted cucumber ice cream and it was surprisingly awesome!

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