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Animecon 2012, Kuopio

My time went by standing behind the table of Créme de la Garderobe with Mimi on Saturday and after the con we had Cloudberry Lady's tea party where i modeled for their show. Then on Sunday i was modeling for the big lolita fashion show held in the convention.

My outfit was very Edwardian this time. Dress from Coudberry Lady, Shoes Minna Parikka.

Awesome picture!

Yoshh and Ludmilla.

Jousia and Elina.

Airi-san was selling jewellery next to us.

From the tea party.

The outfit i modelled.

We blinged one of the quests's sword replica with pink magnets he won in the lottery CL organized.

Here's the video of Cloudberry Lady's fashion show.

Then to Sunday.

OP Clara Maeda, Shoes Yumetenbo, Bonnet by Rosemaria/Sanni and wig styled by me.

With lovely Saga.

Sinuski and models preparing.

Momo, Saga and me.

Saga and Momochuu after the show.
 And here is the show:

Lolita panelists. Mimi, Anna, Tuulia (CL), Kaichi, Yoshh.

Ludmilla's and Jousia's legs for last :D
Blogs of the people mentioned:


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  1. So many beautiful outfits! I love how elaborate yours are :D

  2. Sanon vaan että olet hyvin inspiroiva ihminen vaikka en varmaan voisikaan pukeutua kaikkiin asuihisi. Mutta sinänsä että annat rohkeutta pukeutua just niin kun haluan & näyttävästi & tyylillä c: