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Paris Lolita Convention, finally

So sorry it took so long to post... But yes, i was at the Paris Lolita Convention. I really loved it! It was so nice to meet all the awesome people there and it was such an honour to model for Clara Maeda. I also bought a lot of new stuff there but you'll see those later. So, here you have pictures of the happening! Not in chronological order, unfotunately. Enjoy the beauty.

Setting up the Cloudberry Lady table.

My outfit. Skirt Baby, hat vintage others random.

In the park with Momo and Hanna.
And Toni.

We had to leave before the opening so here we are waiting.
With the lovely ladies of Butterfly Paradise. And Tuulia, Tiina.

Tuulia, Kaichi, me.

Me and Tuulia with Chantilly's designer Fumiko!

Guiq Chaq's table with lots of brand. They also sell Yosuke's shoes.

There was this really cool English brolita we met.

Tuonetar, Melody, Pom, my soulsister Lucie, Tuulia and front row Iira and Hanna.

You think such a bunch could pose nicely? Wroooong.

Lusty's Wonderland's awesome creation.

Fidel David's table.

Clara Maeda's table and some of her new creations.

Rosa Nitida and Iira were next to Cloudberry Lady.
GPK! Got his single and an autograph! I've been a fan of his work for five years now.

He had a tiny showcase both days.

And we were dancing like there's no tomorrow.

The next day there were more people.

From the fashion show, Tuulia and Kaichi for Cloudberry Lady.

Me for Clara Maeda.

Défilé's fairy kei show.


 And for the last, the video of the show:

Pictures are taken by me, Hanna, Kaichi, Tiina. And someone else? Please do comment if i don't remember.

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  1. Niin tykkään tavasta jolla liikut, kun mallailet. <3

    Upeita olette kaikki.

  2. Oii miten ihana merkintä. <3 Tuli valtaisa kaipuu koko Pariisin matkan fiiliksiä kohtaan. Olit muuten todella kaunis malli muotinäytöksessä. <3