tiistai 26. helmikuuta 2013

I know what to do!

Didn't take too long to think... I've decided to continue but i'm changing the main language into Finnish again. Don't worry, i will write in English too, just not all the details and ranting i will probably write in Finnish in the future. I mean to write more overall, now i've mostly just posted pictures with little text to explain them. Also, i will keep my Tumblr in English and continue posting and reblogging pictures actively. So the changes:

- More text.
- In Finnish.
- More subjects to post, not just outfits and make-up anymore.
- Inspiration pictures i'll keep to my Tumblr.
- I will also try to make some videos when i don't feel like writing about some subject. Talking is, for me, a much more pleasant way to express myself compared to writing.

For the last, here's a little giveaway i participated in!

It's my friend's sinuski's 2nd anniversary giveaway. Here's her blog!

I was going to do a giveaway too when i reached 100 readers but unfortunately i just had never time to do it. Maybe after i gain 150? Or next anniversary? We will see.

sunnuntai 24. helmikuuta 2013

I have no idea what to do

First, sorry i haven't been able to answer your comments at all as every time i try the pop up comment box changes into an advertisement.Wtf...

Secondly, i have no idea of what to do with this blog. I feel the need to blog in Finnish again but at the same time i don't see any reason to do that. Also my ever growing hate against Blogger makes blogging quite unpleasant. I'd also like to just post pictures and that i can do at Tumblr anyway.

I probably won't post anything for a while as i try to figure out this problem. We will see what decicion i will make. Sorry.

lauantai 9. helmikuuta 2013


Many of you probably already know i have a Tumblr. First i was basically just reblogging stuff but after i posted a couple of my looks i started gaining more followers and notes so i thought that hey, maybe people are interested to see my outfits on Tumblr as well. So, now i try to post my looks more there too and cut down the amount of pointless (basically stuff that does not fit my Tumblr's aesthetic line) reblogging. Every outfit will be posted here too, though, don't worry, but they'll be posted faster to Tumblr.

Today i decided to post some old outfits. Couple of them are so old i didn't even have any blogs or even a Facebook account. They aren't my first outfits. I never took any photos of my really first looks that i thought were lolita. Thank goodness as they weren't actually even remotely lolita. They were just horrible desperate attempts. Even "true itas" with their "lace monster" dresses looked a lot more lolita and put together than i ever did at that time. Then i got some real lolita items but mostly for my first year as a lolita i looked horrendous. But these couple outfits are probably the first of those that actually looked nice.

So here, go see them: My Tumblr, Irreversible Inspiration.

Oh, and i also added a link list at the end of this page just in case you're interested to see where else you can find me aside from this blog and Tumblr. For example i added my etsy profile where you can browse my favorites (i have some really interesting stuff favorited there. I will probably make an etsy find post soon).