tiistai 26. helmikuuta 2013

I know what to do!

Didn't take too long to think... I've decided to continue but i'm changing the main language into Finnish again. Don't worry, i will write in English too, just not all the details and ranting i will probably write in Finnish in the future. I mean to write more overall, now i've mostly just posted pictures with little text to explain them. Also, i will keep my Tumblr in English and continue posting and reblogging pictures actively. So the changes:

- More text.
- In Finnish.
- More subjects to post, not just outfits and make-up anymore.
- Inspiration pictures i'll keep to my Tumblr.
- I will also try to make some videos when i don't feel like writing about some subject. Talking is, for me, a much more pleasant way to express myself compared to writing.

For the last, here's a little giveaway i participated in!

It's my friend's sinuski's 2nd anniversary giveaway. Here's her blog!

I was going to do a giveaway too when i reached 100 readers but unfortunately i just had never time to do it. Maybe after i gain 150? Or next anniversary? We will see.

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