maanantai 30. huhtikuuta 2012

Asuja, hirveesti asuja osa 1

Okei, pakko alkaa jostain purkamaan näitä asukuvia. Tässäpä siis parin viikon takaiset kuvatukset.

Flea-market lady
Everything second-hand, from flea-market.

Victorian boho
"How would this look with this one? Oh, not as stupid as i thought it would. I'm too lazy to take this combo off, too. Let's wear it today!" was my mindset in the morning. I also did relaxed, messy braid hairstyle. Skirt is from Cloudberry Lady, Underskirt is done by Kainoliero. Others are second hand or free stuff from relatives.

Pastel grandma
Skirt Victorian Maiden, everything else, again, from flea markets.

Pastel grandma without a wig and wearing a theater gown for the next day. The dress is mint colored and my new finding. Also second-hand.

For clubbing. If you're trying to find a man then i suggest you to dress this way. I thought i'd be too weird for anybody to try to hit on me but oh hell was i wrong. Average desperate whore showing her ass: 0 men. Weird pastel rainbow girl: Lost count. I got hit on two times before even reaching the club. And from the bus to the place is like... 50 metres. Yeah, this got even more attention than the military outfit from last summer.

So hard to take a proper picture of my make-up

Victorian working class wife
With my own hair for once. I got inspired from the Victorian era again. This time the average people of the time. Excluding the underskirt, everything from flea markets or from relatives. The cameo brooch is antique.

I really suck at doing anything to my real hair but this simple hairdo really worked.

Victorian Lady from the upper class
Basically the same outfit and hairdo but with more accessories.

Rococo Lady with a bonnet
Again the same hairdo but with a wig this time. Pink eyebrows and a lot of frills. Bonnet by Rosemaria, dress by Bodyline, still the same underskirt.

 Met with Kaichi, evanee, Momochuu and Laura.
Always so lovely evanee.

At evanee's. I just took some things off.


And for the last:
Underdressed sick Kati
Got sick but ended up going swimming anyway. Not a good idea. Anyway, something very simple and easy to go with.

More to come as i've been dressing lolita or related clothing everyday now.

3 kommenttia:

  1. No wonder why a bunch of men tried to flirt you at clubbing,you were so sexy and sweet with that outfit!

    I love "Pastel Grandma"!! <3 <3

  2. Oi, oi! Ihania asuja ja aaah pastelleja:). Minäkin rakastan Pastel Grandmaa♥!

    Hyvää Vappua:)!

  3. Sul on ihanan isot silmät. Ja harmi ettet hymyile kaikissa kuvissas, näytät vielä enemmän kauniilta niin :)