lauantai 1. lokakuuta 2011


I've been sick and when i'm sick i get stupid ideas. This one involves dragging my grandma's old sewing machine to my apartment. And sewing + me = disaster waiting to happen. But i really really want to learn sewing so i can finally make my own clothes.

I thought this would never happen but i finished my first project! :D I made shorts with lace from my old trousers and they suck but the most important thing is that i'm alive and didn't throw the machine out of the window i didn't give up! And they are wearable.

Here's the machine. Isn't it pretty?

For my next project i'm trying to turn my vintage collar/cape/what ever into a hat and after that i'm going to try and make a winter cape.

 I'm also going to custom these new slippers.
 And make this into a stuffed unicorn head.
I should also sew some clothes for my BJDs.

 Lastly for today here's my outfit. And my wet hair...
Cardigan and skirt second hand.

2 kommenttia:

  1. Ihanat pöksyt<3! Asusi on tosi sievä:).

  2. Your outfit is lovely! And you BJDs too!