maanantai 3. lokakuuta 2011

I bought happiness

Today i found a new flea market. And what treasures i got!

 I've been drooling over green military jackets for two years already but every one of them has been too expensive. But now i found a perfect piece for only 5 euros! It doesn't even look used.

 Some lace for my projects. 6 euros total. There's still one left and i wonder should i head back tomorrow and buy it.

 Basic shoes that i'm going to custom...
 ...with these.

I also finished a project! What a fight it was. The machine got stuck or something but i got it done! Here's my hat. I did it from a vintage 30's fur collar. Unfortunately, as expected from me, it sucks as well as my last project but i don't care. I did it and i could even wear it.

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