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One Lovely Blog Award

 I got this from Yoshh, corina, evanee and eewwa. If i forgot someone, please tell me! :D

So the thing is:
1. Tell who gave you the award and link this back to his/her blog.
2. Write seven random facts about yourself.
3. Give this award to fifteen bloggers/blogs you like.

And here comes ~the facts~ :

1. Captain Kati
 My dream is to become a captain on a big cruiser. Unfortunately my health and sight were too poor to even concider applying to the school this year but i still hope that maybe some day i'll be able to live without medication and to go and have an eye surgery. Then i might be able to get in.

2.  Reptiles
 I love reptiles. I'm getting a red eared slider (a tortoise) in the very very near future and probably another one as soon as possible. I'm also dreaming of having a corn snake and a python. I also love lizzards. I think when i move to a bigger apartment and get a job i will have a zoo in my home.

3. Wardrobe
 I want my wardrobe to execute this formula: 1/5 of antique clothing + 1/5 brand + 2/5 indie brands and handmade by others + 1/5 selfmade and offbrand.

4. Plastic surgery
 Kara's Goo Hara: Pretty before, pretty now and still looks like herself.

If i ever get over my fears of injections, medical operations, hospitals and such i will most likely get some plastic surgeries done. I'm quite happy of my looks but there's just some annoying little things that i'd love to fix and i see nothing wrong in it. I don't mean i'm gonna get implants and tons of botox. Just very minor stuff that won't make me look like another person. Just a better version of myself.
And no, i don't mean everyone should fix something "to be a better version of themselves". If you like the way you look, then everything is absolutely fine with me.

5. Almost all my clothes are second hand.

6. Dream Dresses
Even though i'm now selling all my sweet stuff (ask if you want something that you have seen in my blog) and classic is my style most of my dream dresses are from Angelic Pretty or other sweet brands. Melty Chocolate, Chess Chocolate, Baby's Unico, Meta's Swan Lake and so on...

7. New stuff
 I hate the feeling i have when i know there's no packages = new clothes coming. Right now i'm waiting two skirts but what the hell i'm gonna do when i get them? I feel lonely and poor without knowing something new is coming. :D

So here you have them. I think plenty of blogs already got this but i'll give this out to these blogs:

Breidholt (not even trying to get that one islandic letter there)

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