tiistai 30. heinäkuuta 2013

Let the summer post marathon begin!

Minulla on ihan hirveästi postattavaa tältä kesältä. Yhteensä 136 kuvaa muokattuna ja odottamassa. Jostain on siis aloitettava, maratooni alkakoon. Yritän postata joka päivä jotakin. Aluksi vaikka vähän asukuvia ja kerronpa samalla siitä onnettomuudesta. Nämä ovat tosin keväältä eivätkä kesältä.
 Jatkan tästä englannilla kokonaan.

I have so many things to post from this summer. 136 pictures are waiting to be uploaded. So i have to start somewhere! Let the marathon begin! I'll try to post one entry a day. Now some outfit pictures and details about my accident. These are from spring, not summer, though.

1st outfit

 It was still cold. I tried casual erololita but it looked really bad. I'm not happy with it at all. But my make-up looked quite fine with the ringlet wig and circles. First i was afraid it would look too average but i succeeded in making my look dolly.

I tried to play with shiny materials. The shoes and the belt are both shiny fake leather.

And btw, at this time i was really happy about my weight. My weight was around 67 kg and i also got a lot of muscles from my job at the horse stables. I had never been in such a good shape, i could even see my abdominals! Last time i weighted under 70 kg was like.... two years ago so i was really confident and losing even more fat!

After that the accident happened

We were riding two stallions. I rode Lumi, a really pretty arabian horse. Then suddenly the other horse tried to attack Lumi even though they've been friends and cool with each other to this day. Unfortunately he hit me instead of Lumi. So basically, i was accidentally bitten by a horse.

The result: Tight swollen, bleeding traces of teeth, huuge bruising (you can't really see it all in the picture, it was a lot worse) and muscles torn. I was walking with crutches for the next two months. After four months i still have dark scars, i still get bruises when i run so the torn muscle tissue still bleeds and i have two holes where there should feel muscles. But shit happens and i'm recovered now and can use my leg normally. Luckily i can't even remember the pain i suffered! It feels like it happened to someone else completely. I love my brains for that. 
But i gained 5 kg and lost all my muscles so my confidence went down the drain. Now i've started to lose weight again and grow some muscles back so i'm getting better in that part too.

Wheelchair lolita


 I had to run some errands so i got a wheelchair for couple of days as i could not walk for long with the crutches.

School entrance exams


 I could already use my leg so i could stand and even pose on my own. I had the energy to even do my make-up better but could not wear lolita as this was for school entrance exams. So something casual but still very me.

Of course i also made matching nails.

Last outfit for Fashion Night

I coordinated an outfit with black and red and gold with my black and red crutches. Kouvola had this event called Fashion Night so finally i had a reason to dress in lolita.

That's all for today. Thanks for watching!

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  1. I sincerely hope you feel better now and that you'll be okay - ...and you look absolutely wonderful in the last two outfits !
    Much love ♡

  2. you look very cute, I love your coords!

  3. Oi herran jestas mitkä ruhjeet O_O qnq Hitto vie... <3 oh my... gggrr!! And those last two outfits <3 <3 <3 why you so sexy!! <3