sunnuntai 27. tammikuuta 2013

B-day meet-up!

Finally i'm able to upload pictures! So here you go, pictures from my birthday meet-up in Helsinki the fifth day of January.


Waiting for people. Elfie, Essi, Rithrin, Tiia.

Pitsiperhonen, Terhi, Elfie.

Beautiful Elfie. evanee, Momo and Terhi on the background.

Rithrin's party shoes.

Jenni's and Rithrin's party shoes.

More shoes.

Cute Terhi.

Pretty Serina.

Essi and Elfie.

Happy 20th b-day me!

Beautiful Jenni.
Me, Jenni and Elfie.

Ines looking like a real antique porcelain doll. Creepyyyy.

Elfie, Essi and Tuulia.

My outfit shot. Dress: Bodyline, Shoes: Double Decker.

Cute Pitsiperhonen does not approve something.

Jenni's outfit had bright pink and cupcakes!

Elina's outfit details.


Ines makes a lolita version of duckface.


Momo and i'm trying to make an M to Nomo.

Group photo.

Ice-cream euphoria.

We all got cupcakes! Thank you Rithrin for them, once more.

This was my blueberry cupcake.

Cupcake-Jenni with the cupcake stand.

To end the day we went to eat nepal food. Base Camp is my favorite restaurant in Helsinki.

Thank you everyone once more for coming! I had so much fun with you and hope we will meet again soon. I love you all!

4 kommenttia:

  1. I just have to say that Jenni is awsome :) Does she have a blog? Late b-day wishes to you! ^_^

  2. Myöhäiset onnittelut täältäkin! ^__^

    Näyttää olleen kiva päivä ja kaikki on ihanasti laittautunu. Itse synttärisankari on näyttänyt taas niin nukelta, oot aivan mahtavan suloinen! ♥

    ~ Frillycakes ♥ ~

  3. Yoru Mist: She (or he, i'm not sure what she wants to be called (sori Jenni)) is awesome! I don't think she hasa blog though.

    Sasetar: Kiitos kovasti onnitteluista ja kehuista!

  4. Oh, thank to both of you :)
    I don´t feel so special..
    And sorry, i don´t have a blog, but feel free to add me at facebook. You can find me there, my name is Jenni Kosonen.

    And please, call me she when i´m dressed that way, and he at weekdays between 07-15 :D