perjantai 26. lokakuuta 2012

Random post

Hello! Long time no see. I've been quite busy. Here's a post of.... everything. Outfits, findings and other stuff.

Evening in the historical museum of Lahti with Mimi

It was a nice little happening with classical music and good food.


Jacket, Skirt: Theater's costume sale
Blouse, Lace gloves: Thrift store
Hat: Vintage

Outfits from the end of summer

 Jacket, shoes: Thrift store
Hat: etsy
Skirt: IW
Blouse: Baby

My cat loves these shoes. Here she hugs one.

I visited Kouvola's night of arts. And got to ride a little. My skirt was freaking slippery, though so i almost fell two times.
JSK: Lady Sloth
 Cardigan: Anttila
Hat, cameo: Vintage
Shoes: SS i think.

And my cat stealing my shoes again. Try taking them to their places, you get scratches.

Dress, hat, blouse: Vintage
 Belt: Thrift store
Underskirt: Made by Kainoliero

 Dress: Victorian Maiden
Shoes: From Kainoliero, second hand
Cardigan, socks, hat: Thrift store

Here's my aunt's cat Tuure. He's still a kitten.

 Skirt: Cloudberry Lady
Shirt, hat: Thrift store

No idea what this outfit tries to be.
Blouse: Second hand
Corset, shoes: Thrift store
Skirt, jacket: Theater's costume sale
Socks: Bodyline

Skirt: IW
Cardigan: Black Peace Now
Blouse: Baby
Headband, Shoes (matching!): Thrift store

Ofelia market in Tampere

We had a little lolita and mori fashion show and Creme de la Garderobe and Cloudberry Lady had their own sale tables where we hanged out quite a lot. Tiina Talvikki (who participated in the fashion show) and Essin Maailma also had tables. And countless other labels. But those were my favorites.

First outfit i wore in the show. With J-et-J dress from Creme and Tiina Talvikki's blouse.

My first time seeing burlesque. The Blonde Burlesque Troupe were awesome!

 Dress, corset, jabot: Fidel David
Bonnet: Rosa Nitida

I made these in the accessory workshop.

The green headband on.

I fell in love with the stamp they gave all the visitors. I'm going to get it tattooed on my belly in the near future. It says "Good Luck".

New stuff

You can guess this is not all but here's something.

From flea markets.

Gromoire's thights! Momochuu bought them for me in Japan ;_; I'm so happy!

Papersheets for making my "business cards".


The same sheets of paper and more stuff for my cards.

Flea market.

Jumpsuit, an edwardian dress and a chemise-like dress from flea market.

My new laundry bag. There can't be a prettier one, can there? It was a present from my mom.

Rose scent sachet. It's also very beautiful.
Two very big stickers from flea market.

Helsinki weekend and a sea-themed meetup

My first outfit
Blouse, skirt: Baby
Corset: Thrift store

Second outfit for the meet-up. Had to leave the skirt home, i was sick and tired. Ended up taking the corset off, too.

Minja/Kaichi and me both wearing rocking horse shoes.

Visiting Tallinn, Estonia with Mimi
We took a trip to Tallinn with our Kartanon Ystävät group. We visited a lot of nice museums and restaurants and our hotel was located in the lovely Old Town.

 Skirt: IW
Underskirt: Kainoliero
Bonnet: Rosa Nitida
Blouse: Baby

Watching down the TV Tower.
 The best museum imo was Tammsaare's home museum. It had jugend -styled interior and lots of lovely details.

These were actually racks. Such a funny idea!

Tammsaare's death mask. It seems he died smiling a bit.

This was my outfit for the next day. I was sick again so i wanted to dress simple.

The Ounce, always

The Ounce is a place i needs to visit every time i visit Helsinki. It's already an important tradition. For those who don't already know, it's a tea room.

I finally got the courage to try rose tea. I'm not a big fan of herbal teas but it was really nice.

Other day i was enjoying tea alone and reading a book about lace while waiting for my train to leave.

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  1. Voi huokaus taas~ Ihanuutta ja nää siun pitkät postaukset saa miut aina aattelee sitä loleiluu X) Mutta kaatsellaan sitä ehkä joskus havassa rahakkaammassa tulevaisuudessa :DD

  2. Olet kyllä varsinainen hattujen mestari. Niiin monta ihanaa!

  3. Oot kyllä yks upeimmin pukeutuvista ihmisistä, joita tiedän.
    Yhyh, en oo vieläkään päässyt Ounceen kun ei mulla oo rahaa edes mennä Helsinkiin! Kaikki puhuu siitä koko ajan ja haluan! *o*